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The Advocacy-Driven Approach to Email

In most grassroots programs, email is the engine that drives success. It is how you communicate with your audience, collect stories and deliver your message. It is also how your advocates show their support and contact public officials. In all cases, better email performance means better advocacy.

Tune in to our webinar designed to help you increase performance and boost your email metrics. Our expert panel including Noah Stewart from Expedia will explain:

  • How to improve your sending reputation, increasing delivery and placement
  • How to lower your bounce rate
  • How to reduce email blocks and spam cases
  • How an advocacy emailer can increase performance
  • How to understand and avoid spam traps

As we all know, inboxes are getting full in a work-from-home world. In many organizations, metrics are sliding. View now to see what you can do to make the most of your email program.




Noah Stewart
Government & Corporate Affairs Specialist
Expedia Group



John Patton
Head of Client Engagement



Nate May
CX Program Manager

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