The 5 People Who Will Help You Advance Your GR Career


Samantha Segall is a Government Affairs Executive with 15+ years of experience, and currently leads the development and implementation of political and industry affairs strategies that advance the mission of CLEAR and impact its bottom line.

By working for and with a combination of large established companies, growing start-ups, policy associations, the Executive Branch, and Congress, Samantha has built the foundation to create truly comprehensive federal, state, and local advocacy strategies for diverse multi-billion dollar business portfolios.

In the last 10 years, Samantha has shaped key legislation, managed large-scale legislative initiatives that secured more than $800M in plus-ups and new programs while protecting millions of dollars from program cuts during highly constrained budget environments.

Government Affairs professionals are so focused on building for their company that it is easy to forget about the importance of building for yourself. It can be difficult to find mentors and advisors to help you take your career to the next level. Who can you turn to for advice or just to bounce ideas off?

Sam Segall, Vice President of Government Affairs at CLEAR (former VP of GA at Leidos) has built a system for identifying and utilizing different kinds of people to create your own personal advisory team.

These people can help you strategize for your next policy win, navigate office politics (often more challenging than regular politics), and build the right skills to advance your career.

Come learn how to recruit the right people for your own advisory board.

Topics include

  • Advice for identifying advisors
    The difference between each internal advisor
  • How to build relationships that will last
  • How to use your advisors to navigate professional challenges
  • Much, much more



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