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The Case For Better Advocacy Tools

If you have trouble engaging your audience, driving up metrics and improving your advocacy program, consider this: You may be using the wrong tools.

Many advocacy pros are not using professional technology, stuck instead with free apps, dated legacy systems or tools that just don’t deliver. There is a better way. The right advocacy software can:

  • Optimize communiques to increase engagement and performance
  • Streamline your workload to get more done
  • Provide the right analytics, without crunching data
  • Give you powerful tools to communicate—and move beyond email

Watch this webinar in which our panel of advocacy pros explain what happened when they switched to professional advocacy software. You’ll hear how they made the case, what the transition was like and the results they achieved before and after.

Kim McCabe
Senior Director of Digital Strategy
National Alliance for Public Charter Schools


Meredith Whipple
Digital Content Manager
Public Knowledge


Russ Fagaly
Vice President / General Manager, West Coast


Jeff Steinman
Senior Product Manager

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