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Powering Your Events with Phone2Action

Wednesday, November 20th at 2:00 PM ET

Phone2Action offers a variety of advocacy tools, including calls-to-action, texting and email delivery, keyword acquisition, and so much more. But did you know we also offer live event tools? 

Phone2Action is the only advocacy platform that allows you to bridge your conferences with your digital campaigns. Whether you’re holding a small town hall gathering or preparing for your annual conference, engaging event attendees with interactive experiences converts them into advocates. It’s a fun and unique way to turn first-time attendees into full-time advocates!

Join us Wednesday, November 20th to discover how to leverage the energy and excitement of seeing your supporters in person with our live map, pledge page and randomizer tools. A senior product manager and client success manager with dozens of live events under her belt will walk you through the day in the life of an advocacy activation, demo-ing the myriad ways to use keywords, kiosk mode and selfie stations to activate event attendees.

Matt Hendrickson

Matthew Hendrickson
Associate Product Manager



Jenn Aguirre

Jennifer Aguirre
Customer Success Manager

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