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Powering Up Local Advocacy

When most of us think about advocacy, we think about Congress or state legislatures, but that is only part of the picture. Local advocacy, directed at city or county councils, grew three-fold between 2016 and 2018.

And why not? Scores of industries are regulated locally, from construction and transportation networks to manufacturing. Constituents want to weigh-in on issues that impact their backyard, making the voices of grassroots advocates even more powerful at the local level, where representatives are often closer to their constituents than their counterparts in Washington or the state capital. But the landscape is different – we explore how and why in this webinar.

Watch an in-depth discussion on how to empower local voices to make a difference. We discuss how to build relationships, activate grassroots networks and advocate on your issues as a local rather than an outsider. Our guests bring deep experience and case studies on how they have sought to influence local decision makers—and won.  

Martyn Griffen

Martyn Griffen
Customer Success Manager



Laura Bracci

Laura Bracci
Community Advocacy Director
American Heart Association




Jonathan Perri

Jonathan Perri
Digital Advocacy Manager




Robin SchneiderRobin Schneider
Executive Director
Texas Campaign for the Environment

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