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From Physical to Digital: Hosting a Virtual Lobby Day

How to democratize lobbying, build community, engage supporters and harness momentum

The COVID-19 crisis has forced many organizations to move their fly-ins and conferences to digital formats—and many are seeing solid results.

Digital advocacy is soaring in the pandemic. Maintaining that momentum is important, and a comprehensive Virtual Lobby Day can do exactly that. Our latest guide, Hosting a Virtual Lobby Day, explains how your organization can smoothly transition from physical events to digital gatherings. The guide covers:

  • Why a Virtual Lobby Day is worth your time and resources
  • How to develop a plan and create buzz across channels
  • How to sponsor a virtual town hall—with lawmakers
  • The right tools to enhance participation
  • Tactics and tips to get the most from your event

It also includes a Virtual Lobby Day Checklist to help you create your own event.

To learn how you can keep your supporters engaged, grow your list and boost metrics for your program, download the guide and the checklist.

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