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Navigating Uncertainty in the 2020 Election

Rarely has an American election come with this much uncertainty. How will mail-in voting impact turnout? How can organizations combat voter suppression? How should we educate and activate voters, especially in diverse communities? Election 2020 seems to offer more questions than answers.

Yet there are also many experts working to sort it out. Tune into this webinar for a discussion on how your nonprofit can navigate the uncertainty and take definitive action in the weeks ahead. Our discussion will cover how to obtain solid information on mail-in voting rules; how to reach into diverse communities with the right message; and how to educate voters to ensure their voices are heard.

No organization has all the answers. But we can all keep asking the right questions—especially now, months before Election Day.


Screen Shot 2020-09-03 at 9.29.26 AM.pngAmelia Howe
National Campaign Coordinator
American Alpine Club 



Ann Wang
Senior Manager, Advocacy & Campaigns
Plan International USA



Myra Carpio
Customer Success Manager


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