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How the National Restaurant Association Sent Half a Million Messages to Congress and Protected the Service Industry

When COVID-19 reached U.S. shores, it represented an existential threat to restaurants.

Overnight, an industry with 1 million locations and roughly 15.6 million employees closed entirely or shifted to takeout, delivery or drive-thru operations. The damage was profound. More than 8 million employees were laid off, four in 10 restaurants closed their doors and revenue loss is estimated to top $240 billion.

The National Restaurant Association had to step up and activate its 500,000 members, its employees and people in the communities they serve—and it turned to digital advocacy to do so. In a matter of months, the association mobilized almost 200,000 people to take action, delivering more than 500,000 messages to Congress, according to Phone2Action’s State of Advocacy data. It mobilized more than any other association in the first half of 2020.

“The reaction from our membership was immediate and intense. There was a real threat and they responded.”

Mike Whatley, Vice President for State and Local Affairs, National Restaurant Association