National Restaurant Association Uses Phone2Action to Drive a Full Mobilization

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As 8 million workers were laid off, 110,000 doors were closed, and $240 billion was lost in the restaurant industry over the course of the pandemic, government support was needed on an unprecedented scale.

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"The pandemic has taken a heavy toll on the restaurant industry. But our industry has a voice—and our members are being heard."

- Mike Whatley, VP, State Affairs and Grassroots Advocacy

Gather as a Community

In a single membership campaign, the National Restaurant Association attracted more than 107,000 new advocates. 

New Advocates Quick Stats:
+42,000 from Facebook
+18,000 from Text Messaging
30x list growth in 2020

Empower Advocates

The advocacy team provided the tools its more than 200,000 advocates needed to tell their stories in their own words.

Educating advocates on how and why to take action and giving them the right tools makes it easy for advocates to mobilize.

Mobilize in Unison

With the right communication tools in place, the Association was ready to take immediate action with its quickly expanding advocate list.

Using emails, text messages, and social media posts, advocates had everything they needed to send 500,000 messages to Congress.

How Phone2Action Helps the National Restaurant Association

The National Restaurant Association uses Phone2Action digital tools for community building, member management and communication, and member mobilization.

Action Centers

Advocacy Site Templates

Email Broadcasting

Text Message Broadcasting

Social Media Engagement

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Activating more than 200,000 advocates to send more than 500,000 messages to congress takes a great team, serious coordination, and the right tools to back you up.