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Moving the Needle in a Digital World

Moving the Needle in a Digital World

It’s a busy time for PAC managers, advocacy directors and others who work in government relations and public affairs. There’s a big election coming, big COVID bills passing and big changes to your program as it transitions to an all-digital world. We all need strategies that can move the needle.  

Watch this webinar featuring officials from NABPAC and the National Rural Electric Cooperative Association. The panel discusses how organizations are getting creative to find tactics for online fundraising, virtual events and digital advocacy that work in the new landscape.

As we weather the summer slowdown and prepare for the election frenzy, making the right adjustments to your program has never been more important. Watch to learn more about strategies that work.  




Leann Paradise
Senior Associate, Grassroots.




Micaela Isler
Executive Director



Erik Rosedahl

Erik Rosedahl
Head of Stakeholder Impact

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