Innocence Project Stopped an Execution Using Phone2Action

The Innocence Project Advocacy with Phone2Action Video

"This is how democracy is supposed to operate. I really attribute a huge part of our success to the tool we use."

- Rebecca Brown, Director of Policy

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"As advocates, we can only do so much. We can make compelling arguments. We can provide data. But without those stories and without hearing from actual people, oftentimes there’s very little change."

- Rebecca Brown, Director of Policy, Innocence Project

Build Community

After years of fighting for Rodney Reed in court, the Innocence Project team used Phone2Action's advocacy solution to bring his story to the public.

Total advocates: 158,000+
Texans activated: 40,000+

Encourage State Action

Using emails and text messages to build a grassroots movement, the Innocence project called upon advocates to reach out to the governor and state Board of Pardons and Paroles.

Calls and emails generated: 8,000+

Get National Support

While Texas advocates were hard at work connecting with state representatives, the Innocence Project worked to amplify advocate voices and increase pressure through a national petition campaign.

National Petition Signatures: 60,000+

How Phone2Action Helps the Innocence Project

The Innocence Project uses Phone2Action advocacy tools for member management, communication, and member mobilization.

Advocacy Site Templates

Text Message Broadcasting

"Rodney Reed's life was spared. And it couldn't have been done without our community, without Phone2Action, without lawmakers who spoke up."

Alicia-Maule-the-Innocence-ProjectALICIA MAULE
Digital Engagement Director, Innocence Project

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