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How to Shop for Advocacy Software

Shopping for a new advocacy platform can be challenging. From budgets and approvals to integration and features, there is much to weigh and decide. To do it right, you need a process. 

Our latest guide provides exactly that. How to Shop for Advocacy Software is a downloadable resource that can help organize your search, providing a process, a checklists and real examples of what other organizations have done and why.

The guide will show you:

  • How to determine your organization’s needs
  • How to gather your stakeholders and become an advocate for change
  • How to collect information on advocacy solutions
  • How to determine the features your organization needs
  • How to take a software demo

Advocacy systems have improved dramatically in recent years, adding powerful features to recruit advocates, move them to action and increase impact. If your program is dependent on free tools or dated systems, download How to Shop for Advocacy Software and create a more powerful program.

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