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How To Get the Attention of the New Congress

The 2018 Election resulted in a balance of power shift in the House, and the most diverse Congress in U.S. history. With a 40-seat swing (from 236-197 GOP to 235-199 Democrat), the Democratic agenda will be at the forefront for the first time since 2011, when they last had the majority in the House. Among the new Congress members—24 people of color, 42 women, and the first ever Native American congresswoman and Muslim congresswoman.

Watch this webinar to learn the best ways to grab the attention of the new members of Congress.


Sam Morgante

Sam Morgante
Deputy Chief of Staff
U.S. House of Representatives


Dorian Wanzer


Dorian Wanzer
Senior Manager, Grassroots Advocacy
The American Institute of Architects


Martyn Griffen

Martyn Griffen
Customer Success Manager

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