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How to Engage When Legislators Are Out of Session

Effective advocacy is directed to the right place at the right time. Paying attention to the legislative calendar is vital, because you need to know when lawmakers are in session and, equally important, when they are back in their districts and with their constituents. During a recess, lawmakers are often holding meetings, town halls, and making various public appearances.

The best advocacy programs are planning their campaigns around these out-of-session periods, as it becomes easier to garner attention and generate awareness about your organization or cause.

Watch this webinar where we discuss tactics and best practices on how to effectively engage legislators when they aren’t actively governing in-session.

Bethany DameBethany Dame
Senior Director, Political Engagement, Advocacy & Grassroots
American Property Casualty Insurance Association


Scott Morrison

Scott Morrison
Customer Success Manager




Stephanie Shweiki
Marketing Specialist in the Advocacy Space




Martyn GriffenMartyn Griffen
Customer Success Manager




Sara LasureSara Lasure
Communications Director, U.S. Senate (office of Sen. John Boozman, R-AR)

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