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How to Educate the New Elected Officials

January 2021 will bring more than 60 new legislators in the 117th Congress, along with thousands at the state and local levels. Learn how your organization can leverage effective public affairs strategies in the post-pandemic landscape.

Tune into this session to see how to make your government affairs & advocacy program more effective in a virtual environment as we kick off 2021. Our expert panel, which includes former Congressional staffers and campaign aides, will cover:

  • How to navigate communicating with newly elected legislators
  • How to hold an impactful virtual fly-in
  • A detailed profile of the new Congress featuring data from GovPredict
  • The opportunities to interact with new state lawmakers 

Our Expert Panel
Martyn Griffen. Senior Customer Success Manager at Phone2Action and former staffer in the U.S. House of Representatives.

Stephanie Stouffer. Director of Strategic Accounts at Phone2Action and former Director for public affairs.

Matt Ernesto.
Senior Non Profit Customer Success Manager at Phone2Action and former campaign organizer.


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