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Managing the Spotlight: How Biotechs and Pharmaceuticals Communicate on COVID-19

The COVID-19 crisis has put Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology organizations squarely in the spotlight as Americans look to the industry for answers to the COVID-19 crisis. How they communicate, advocate and manage the crisis will impact the industry for years—and provide lessons for organizations in every sector.

View our webinar including panelists from BIO, Pfizer and PhRMA to discuss how their organizations created a meaningful response to the nation’s largest health crisis, including public campaigns, advocacy and communications with elected officials. Managing the Spotlight will cover:

  • Creating a strong response in a national crisis
  • How and why audiences are growing
  • The campaigns that made the greatest impact
  • How to find authentic voices in your organization
  • The impact of the crisis on the years ahead

Biotech firms, pharmaceutical companies and healthcare organizations are having a moment. Managing the Spotlight will take a detailed look at their response.



Phil Carey
Director of Strategic Accounts



Joe Hansen
Managing Director, Digital Communications & Branding



Jon Tripp
Senior Director, Public Affairs



Ellen Gerstein
Head of Content & Employee Advocacy



Amy Goodrich
Senior Director, External Activation

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