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Getting Started in Advocacy

There’s no doubt that launching a program for the first time can be daunting, especially when expectations are high within your organization. It becomes far more manageable if you can break up the tasks and take them in order. This guide can help you do exactly that. Over the years, Phone2Action has launched hundreds of programs for clients who are advocating on issues
across the political spectrum. Our team has learned a great deal about the tools and tactics that work and, equally
important, when to implement them. In this guide, we have put all of that experience in one place.

Alternatively, take a look at our checklist on how to get your advocacy program up and running as soon as possible by clicking here! The checklist will walk you through each step to setting up an effective advocacy program from scratch and in no time, from the early preparation stages all the way to the later phases, including campaigning and issue education. Again, feel free to take a look at the checklist whether your company or organization is an advocacy pro or is brand new to the field.

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