The EEI Edge: Getting Hands-On With Technology

Case Study

I don’t really care where the challenges to my member companies arise. It can be in the state legislature. It can be at a local city council meeting. It can be at a public regulatory commission. It can be in the U.S. Congress. They’re all threats that have impact on my customers’ ability to do business.”

Brad Viator, Executive Director of External Affairs, EEI

The Edison Electric Institute represents investor-owned utilities that provide power to more than 220 million Americans in every single state. The External Affairs Team might track 500 pieces of legislation and 100 regulatory actions in a single year. Learn how EEI has become an early adopter of advocacy and public affairs technology, how they work with top technology companies to test and shape software and how they have become advocates for a single, end-to-end platform offering the most powerful tools.