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Boosting Civic Engagement In An Election Year

The 2020 election will have massive impact on issues like trade, energy, healthcare and a great deal more. Will your company be active?

The election is an opportunity to deliver solid information to employees, customers, investors and enhance your company’s relationships. Our latest guide, Boosting Civic Engagement in an Election Year, shows how you can modernize your communications program, cut through the noise, educate your audience and maximize impact.

The guide is designed to help your company prepare an election-year strategy that will:

  • Set election-year goals
  • Evaluate and improve your existing capabilities
  • Create a communications plan
  • Leverage technology to drive up engagement.

The 2020 election will dominate the national conversation this year, and research shows that voters increasingly trust information that comes from their employer. Download Boosting Civic Engagement in an Election Year to ensure your company has a professional communications presence as America goes to the polls.

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