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Advocacy Tactics That Will Work In 2019

2018 was nothing if not eventful. We saw tax reform implemented, an infrastructure bill fail, and DACA ignite a major national debate. Justice Kennedy retired, and a new Supreme Court Justice was confirmed after the most brutal nomination fight in over 25 years. And then we had a midterm election that resulted in a shifting of power in Congress.

As we head into the start of the new year, we look at the advocacy tactics that worked in 2018 and the ones that didn’t, and ask the experts what they think will be most effective in 2019. We aggregated data from our platform to uncover insights like which channels are the best for contacting members of Congress and when the best time of day is to send an action alert.

Watch this webinar where we combine data-driven insights with veteran industry expert knowledge to make our recommendations for advocacy in 2019.


Erik Rosedahl


Erik Rosedahl
Head of Alliances & Stakeholder Impact


Brooke Still
Director of Digital Strategy
League of Conservation Voters



Samantha Erickson
Government Relations Manager – Grassroots




Kevin Pomorski
Data Scientist

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