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100 Days Until the Election: Getting Young People to the Polls!

As we approach the magic milestone of 100 days before the election, the entire landscape—from political parties and campaigns to civic-minded organizations—will focus on getting Americans to cast their ballots. For organizations like HeadCount, NextGen America and UCSF, helping people to vote is the primary mission.

Tune in for a webinar that explores how some of the country’s top get-out-the-vote experts are courting young voters. The panel will discuss how to create appeals that resonate with young voters; how to provide accurate information when voters need it most; how major organizations are handling GOTV amid the pandemic and social unrest; and how to engage your audience


Russ Fagaly


Russ Fagaly
Vice Presient, West Coast



Emily Gibbs
Managing Director
HeadCount Org



Olivia Chow
Strategist & Trainer
NextGen America



Allie Jones
Manager, Advocacy & Communications


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