Launch Your GOTV Campaign with Phone2Action Civic Action Centers

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It's an election year. Become a valuable election resource and help your advocates amplify their voice while attracting new supporters. 

The Civic Action Center (CAC) is a robust Phone2Action feature that allows clients to be a one-stop shop and trusted resource for election information. CACs are the first step to growing and engaging stakeholders around the causes that matter.

Your Customer Success Manager can help you quickly and easily set up your Civic Action Center to ensure you are the trusted resource for critical information, enabling advocates to:

  • Register to vote and check their registration status
  • Learn who's running in their district
  • View polling locations and election dates
  • Find absentee ballot & early voting information

Key Benefits

Direct users to your Civic Action Center with text keywords

Leverage easy-to-use text keywords (e.g., Text VOTENOW to 52886) in your GOTV promotions to drive traffic to your Civic Action Center.

Capture and keep data about new advocates to use in future advocacy campaigns

Integrated with the Phone2Action platform, the Civic Action Center allows organizations to pull the data from their GOTV efforts, including email and text opt-ins, into future outreach efforts.

Tap into new audiences with bilingual support

Available in both Spanish and English, the Civic Action Center enables you to reach a larger audience than you could with a monolingual tool.




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