Launch your GOTV campaign with our powerful election education tools

Getting accurate information in the hands of your members and supporters is more important than ever

Voting remains the most powerful civic action a U.S. citizen can take to make their voice heard and according to a 2019 Harvard case study, promoting civic responsibility “is good for business.”

You can quickly get a Phone2Action Civic Action Center up and running to provide timely information to your advocates, followers, and employees. Your Civic Action Center will also allow them to:

  • Check their voter registration status
  • Register to vote online or by paper
  • Learn about their candidates or elected officials
  • Carry out election-day look ups.
  • Find polling locations

Get Out The Vote advocate activity increased by 422% between May and June 2020.

Text messaging continues to be an effective means to direct traffic to Civic Action Centers, with an almost 100% penetration rate.

Voter registration web searches increased by 554.5% during the week of May 31st, in anticipation of the June 2nd primaries.

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Get Out The Vote with Election Center 2020

Lead the way and grow your audience with accurate, trustworthy election tools.

In these uncertain times, be a voice of certainty. With Phone2Action’s Civic Action Center, you can show the value of your program and grow its ranks by providing the most up-to-date election information in an environment that shifts daily.

Key Benefits

Create and Activate

Launch GOTV campaigns in 30 minutes or less to connect your employees or customers with key lawmakers via e-mail, webform, social media, and phone. Stakeholders can also post comments on all regulatory forms.

Broadcast, Mobilize & Engage

Access a variety of broadcasting channels including SMS, MMS, links, web code, or API access to mobilize your stakeholders, in Spanish or English, and foster continued engagement through one-to-one communications.

Track & Report

Get real-time, up-to-the minute reporting on your campaigns – including who your top advocates are, what they’re saying to lawmakers on social media, and conversions from your text keywords.



Phone2Action Powers the Movements that Change the world.

Phone2Action has powered more than 27 million legislative connections and currently, 1 in 4 messages to lawmakers come through the Phone2Action system. Let us help you power your movement. Request a demo today.