Regulatory Targeting Campaigns

Target Regulatory Agencies with Phone2Action

Phone2Action partners are increasingly turning to regulatory agencies to move the needle on their issues, especially when Congress is gridlocked. By making it easy for advocates to contact regulators or submit comments on proposed rules, organizations crucially open up another channel for advocacy. 

U.S. regulatory agencies like the Environmental Protection Agency, the U.S. Trade Office, and the Federal Communications Commission routinely request public comments on proposed rules. But most public comment forms are very complex and difficult to complete. Phone2Action simplifies the process and makes it easy for constituents to post public comments to the more than 300 regulatory agencies in the U.S. government and state-level governments.

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“Phone2Action’s tools allowed us to establish ourselves as a force to be reckoned with. Over 210,000 public comments were submitted to the Public Charge docket—more than any other proposed rule by the Department of Homeland Security. 92,354 of those comments were sent directly through our campaign. We literally broke records.”
—Anthony Martinez, Digital Director, National Immigration Law Center

Phone2Action is the industry leader on posting public comments to regulatory agencies, no matter how complicated the form. Here are a few ways we stand out:

  • We provide multiple public comment templates so your message to regulatory bodies is differentiated across advocates, bolstering the impact of your campaign 
  • Phone2Action submits each comment individually and verifies that the comments are successfully posted to the docket 
  • You can easily track who submits comments and review each comment that was submitted—providing you with valuable data about your most engaged advocates 

Discover the benefits of regulatory targeting.

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