Social Media Engagement

Meet your advocates where they are. Inspire them to take action and share campaigns with friends and family. Hold elected officials accountable in a public forum.

Social media has revolutionized advocacy.

84 percent of Americans say that people are more comfortable engaging in political discussion on social media than in person, and elected officials are shifting to social media as the most direct way to connect with their constituents.

Social media is constantly evolving. We stay on the cutting-edge by developing proprietary, first-of-their-kind tools that allow your organization to capitalize on the power of social media.

  • Broadcast your campaigns through Facebook and Twitter with a single click
  • Make it easy for supporters to share your campaigns on Twitter and Facebook
  • Empower supporters to contact their elected officials directly with a tweet
  • Allow advocates to take action on your campaigns within Facebook Messenger
  • Conduct personalized, one on one conversations 24/7 with your Facebook followers in Facebook Messenger using our Advocacy Chatbot
  • Enable advocates to email their legislators directly from your Facebook Ads with our Facebook Lead Ad integration.


campaigns through Facebook and Twitter


advocates to take action within Facebook Messenger


supporters to communicate with officials directly


advocates in conversations directly

Advocacy Chatbot

Phone2Action’s Advocacy Chatbot allows you to teach your advocates about your causes and conduct advocacy campaigns—all from within Facebook Messenger.

Facebook Messenger has 1.2 billion monthly active users, and more than 8 billion messages are exchanged monthly between users and bots on the platform. Phone2Action is the first to leverage the power of this mode of communication for grassroots advocacy, developing proprietary technology that integrates our powerful campaign sites into Facebook Messenger.

Make it Easier for Facebook Users to Take Action

When supporters have to leave one website for another to complete an action, some will drop out of the conversation, reducing conversions. With our Advocacy Chatbot, your advocates can launch a phone call or send an email for your campaign, all from within Facebook Messenger. Our AI-powered bots are also able to pull information such as name, email, and phone from the user’s Facebook profile, minimizing the work required by the advocate and improving the accuracy of the data you collect.

Convert your Facebook Audience into Active Advocates

Some Facebook users only interact with your organization’s content on Facebook and have never been to your website. By keeping the experience within Facebook, you’ll capture new names by lowering the barrier to entry.

Conduct Personalized Conversations with Advocates, Without the Extra Work

Our AI-powered Advocacy Chatbots are smart enough to understand what the user is saying and can carry on a real conversation. The Chatbot will lead every supporter who contacts your page to the information that they most need about your organization, your issues, and how they can help support your movement and take action.

Facebook Lead Generation Ad Integration

Your advocates can now email their legislators directly through your Facebook ads.

facebook lead gen integration

Key Features of Lead Gen Integration

Mobile Optimized, Advocate Friendly

Advocates can now take action from your ads, directly in Facebook, on their phone or on desktop.

Grow your Advocate Database

Integrate data collected from campaigns (such as email and text opt-ins) directly into your Phone2Action instance.

Engage Your Advocates

Make it easy for advocates to email legislators directly from Facebook and re-engage them in future campaigns.

Measure the Impact

Increase advocate communications with lawmakers, lower the cost of advocate acquisition and measure the true success of your Facebook lead generation campaigns.