Live Event Engagement

Mobilize event attendees to be your next advocates. Create a compelling, energizing experience for them that establishes a strong relationship with your organization and affinity with your cause.

Harness the energy at your next event or conference and move your audience to action with Phone2Action’s live event engagement tools.

live event gif

Here’s what your attendees will be able to do:

  • Text a keyword and take action on an advocacy campaign in the audience right from their smartphones
  • Watch a live advocate counter along each person’s name update in real time
  • Watch pins drop on a live map representing where advocates’ actions are taken

Your advocacy events will be better than ever with Phone2Action’s live event engagement tools. Contact our team to learn more, and how you can get started today.

  • Use Phone2Action to power your next event.

    Our SMS keyword broadcasting feature lets you engage advocates straight from their smartphones. The system tracks  all the advocates you engage and the number of connections they make with each campaign. Display these metrics, advocate names, and from where people are taking action, on a live map, which updates in real time. Your audience will be energized as they see pins drop on a map representing all the connections to lawmakers across the country.

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