Campaign Reporting

Get a clear view of how your advocacy campaigns are performing so you can use data to inform your advocacy strategy moving forward, and leverage your Top Advocates in the most impactful situations.

We know you’re responsible for justifying your advocacy activities to your organization’s leadership—whether it’s your board, executive team, or investors. That’s why Phone2Action’s campaign reporting dashboard gives you sophisticated reporting for the following data:


aggregate figures across all your campaigns


legislative connections made over time


growth in activity and advocates over time


how each of your keywords perform over time


who your Top Advocates are based on activity

  • Track figures across all your campaigns.

    Track the following success metrics across campaigns in real time with Phone2Action:

    • Total number of advocates engaged
    • Total number of legislative connections
    • Types of actions people are taking
    • Growth of your organization’s influence over time
    • Performance of each of your keywords
    • Top Advocates

    See which Phone2Action campaign action—emails, Facebook, Twitter, or patch-through calls—engages more advocates and results in more legislative connections. Our platform is the only advocacy software that tracks the average duration of a phone call, so you can see how long your advocates are on the line with their officials. And, after your supporters take action, you can see the number of times they share a campaign on their own Facebook or Twitter pages.

  • Know the performance of each SMS keyword.

    Phone2Action’s powerful keyword broadcasting feature  allows you to amplify your campaigns in your marketing efforts. Our campaign reporting dashboard lets you track the success of each keyword, letting you know how each performs with your advocates. We can track the number of messages sent to legislators and the number of advocates recruited in response to a particular keyword.

  • Discover your Top Advocates.

    Understand who your Top Advocates are. We combine the number of connections with legislators with the number of different campaigns they’ve taken action on to give you a ranking of those advocates who are performing above and beyond.

Learn more about the powerful metrics you can track with our campaign reporting tools.

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