Advocacy Action Centers

Create a single destination for all your advocacy activities with a Phone2Action Action Center. Educate your supporters about all your public policy campaigns.

Enhance your advocacy presence with a centralized location for all your grassroots campaigns.

With Phone2Action, you can organize campaigns in appealing, easy-to-access Action Centers where your supporters and stakeholders can go to take action.

Here are the benefits Phone2Action offers:

  • Drive your advocates to one location where they can engage in multiple issues
  • Promote featured or new campaigns with special tags when you want to draw attention to them
  • Leverage a layout that’s designed with your advocates in mind
  • Design Action Centers to match your current website, creating a seamless transition to your advocacy campaigns
  • Drive advocates to one place to take multiple actions.

    Action Centers let advocates take action and contact their elected officials on a variety of issues. For first-time advocates, having a choice increases the likelihood that they’ll take an initial action. For advocates who’ve already engaged with a campaign, leading them to an Action Center means that they have the opportunity to increase their engagement—driving more action to other campaigns.

    With Phone2Action Action Centers, you can highlight newly launched or special campaigns with

    “New” or “Featured” tag that sets it apart from the rest of your campaigns. And, to make your Action Center even more inviting, each campaign can also display a live ticker, showing how many people have taken action on the campaign.

  • Provide easy access for all your advocates.

    Share your Action Centers with your advocates through multiple channels:

    • Create a custom URL to use in print or social media
    • Broadcast to your advocates through SMS
    • Opt-in new advocates through an SMS keyword
    • Embed in any or all pages of your website

    No matter where your advocates are, you can reach them directly—whether on desktop or smartphone. From there, they can click through to your Action Center, and within minutes they’re taking action on a campaign.

AHA action center

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