Engagement Tools

Phone2Action’s tools help you engage members and employees through campaigns. Whether you’re working on a public policy initiative or a new product launch, Phone2Action can help amplify your members over social media, and directly connect advocates with decision-makers over the phone.

Communicating with Officials

Connect Advocates with Elected Officials

Phone2Action’s full suite of grassroots advocacy tools provides organizations a flexible set of options to connect their advocates with legislators at all levels of government. Since email alone is no longer enough to win campaigns, our platform also includes Twitter, Facebook, Patch-thru calling, and petition tools. This flexibility extends into the advocate experience, as your advocates can take action however is easiest for them, right from their phone, laptop, or tablet.

Social Media Advocacy Tools

Twitter & Facebook Advocacy

Twitter and Facebook are some of the most ubiquitous tools for digital advocacy. Phone2Action is the first mobile and web-based platform that allows you to create social advocacy campaigns — and track traffic and usage — from one place, integrated seamlessly with your other forms of e-advocacy.

Supporter Engagement

Employee Advocacy

Phone2Action’s employee advocacy tools make it easy to connect your employees with elected officials on social media to advocate for issues important to their company.

Finding New Members

Embedded Calls-To-Action

Phone2Action’s proprietary call-to-action technology can be embedded into TV, Radio, social media and out of home media channels to maximize your advertising dollar and the reach of your cause.

Supporter Engagement

Advertising & Outreach

The right engagement tools should make it easy to reach new supporters. Our partners employ billboards, bus ads, radio, and TV advertising, coupled with our text messaging platform, to identify and convert prospective supporters. Once you convert supporters, you can add fundraising software from partners.

Integrated Advocacy Solutions

Embed Code for Your Site

Every campaign comes with automatic embed code, for you to quickly and easily add your action center directly to your website. You can apply custom styling, CSS and Javascript, to customize your widget.

Advocacy, Live

Drive Live Engagement At Events

Have an upcoming event with dozens, hundreds, or thousands of people in attendance? Have you thought before, “It would be great if everyone here could take action RIGHT NOW to support our cause?” With Phone2Action Advocacy Live, Participants can email, tweet, or facebook their elected officials, sign petitions or pledges, and participate in live polls, surveys, and registrations right away – before they’ve even left the event. Best of all, no downloads are required!

Campaign Management

Centralized Campaign Management Tools

Manage every aspect of your campaigns with our intuitive, fully-integrated management portal. You can quickly check campaign performance across different tools, update your campaign apps in seconds, blast out messages to your supporters to drive advocacy actions, and export contacts or data with just one click. What’s more, you have access to real-time dashboards with campaign data that you can use to measure progress, share with your donors or partners, and make strategic decisions about your campaigns.

Multi-Campaign Action Center

Feature All Campaigns In One Place

Highlight all active campaigns in a visually-engaging manner; and add custom flair elements like “new” or “featured” tags. By displaying campaigns with visual imagery, you will increase advocate engagement.