Make Sure Your Supporters’ Voices are Heard in the Midterms

This is a pivotal election.

Republicans have a majority in both chambers. Democrats are eager to win back the house. Getting out the vote is more important than ever! Do you have your strategy locked down?


Voting remains the most powerful civic action a U.S. citizen can take to make their voice heard. In this critical election year, both your current advocates and potential new supporters will be looking for information about how to register to vote, when to vote, where their polling locations are, and who the candidates are.

Phone2Action’s Civic Action Center serves as the central hub of any GOTV campaign, providing a wealth of tools to assist civically-minded citizens in exercising their right to vote. User-friendly and easy to implement, it can be customized for your brand and is fully mobile-responsive for advocates on the go. Embed a Civic Action Center within your website or launch a dedicated campaign page for it.

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