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"From the largest statehouses to the smallest cities, we need real-time alerts and collaboration tools to shape policy."


"We need to turn up the heat by engaging and mobilizing our employees, customers and partners through branded, multi-channel campaigns."


"We need accurate insights to influence Washington policy and track relationships with key legislative and regulatory players."

Government Affairs Resources for Consumer and Retail Interests

The Case for Legislative Tracking Software
The Case for Legislative Tracking Software

Keeping your team, and by extension, your entire organization, aware of the bills and regulations that impact your key issues, is critical to your success.

It is stressful. If you miss something, there are consequences.

Teams in the consumer and retail space that are serious about their public policy strategy use professional legislative tracking systems.

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Transformative Power of Text Messaging in Government Affairs

The Transformative Power of Text Messaging

Text messaging can modernize your program, boost your metrics and make campaigns more effective.
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Government Affairs Software for Consumer and Retail Industry

Corporate Activism is Mainstream

Our research says many companies are getting active and understand the impact on company strategy.
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National Restaurant Association + Phone2Action

More than 200,000 advocates sent more than 500,000 messages to Congress for pandemic relief
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Our tools empower you to get great outcomes in legislation and public opinion.

Track legislation, regulations, policy updates and active voices from Capitol Hill to City Hall.

Stay on top of what legislators and officials are saying about your issues in the news and on social media.

Log activities, tag colleagues and track progress with our streamlined project management tools.

Empower advocates to share personal stories and messages with
elected officials with Take Action campaigns.


Accurate and timely intel on what legislators and officials are saying about your key interests paired with the tools to stay organized, act quickly and decisively, and demonstrate the impact of your day-to-day efforts.


Whether looking to engage employees, customers and partners, our best-in-class, mobile-first advocacy platform lets you turn up the heat and deliver policy-shaping messages to key lawmakers with texts, emails, advocacy action pages, and more


"We've been using Phone2Action for about a year and a half, and have never had a problem. Right out of the box, the platform worked just as well as advertised (if not better)."

- Government Affairs Coordinator at Mid-Market Company

Our member engagement with our legislator contact campaigns increased 30% in the first year that we switched over from our old grassroots advocacy platform. 

- Director, Government Affairs at Enterprise Company

"We use P2A to connect our community to their legislators and make it easy for them to take action on a variety of relevant issues. Best Grassroots Advocacy Solutions - Period!"

- Administrator at Enterprise Company

"Before using Phone2Action our call to action initiatives were inefficient and untrackable. Now it is easier for our members to participate, and we can track how much engagement there was."

- Government Affairs Coordinator at Mid-Market Company


state bills that include
“sales tax”
municipalities debating minimum wage
federal bills that touch consumer privacy
policy tweets about the retail sector

*data from the past 6 months from Phone2Action