Digital Grassroots Advocacy

Don’t wait until the 116th Congress gets sworn in. Elevate your grassroots game today with Phone2Action.

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Build Your List

Standardize stakeholder acquisition with one system that all your consultants and staff can use.

  • Leverage state of the art social media integrations with the most effective acquisition tools such as Facebook and LinkedIn Lead Generation. 
  • Embedded calls-to-action: Take advantage of radio and TV broadcast moments to opt-in thousands of people in seconds by embedding text calls-to-action directly into ads. Phone2Action clients have acquired tens of thousands of new supporters in minutes using this technology.
  • Get access to a repertoire of effective tools such as live maps, live pledges, and live surveys, to maximize your live events.
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Getting people to act is at the core of grassroots advocacy. Our tools help you:

  • Create microsites in minutes without any web development, right from your Phone2Action account.
  • Create a whitelabeled URL and embed the form on your website, or use Phone2Action's hosting to launch your campaign immediately. No coding required!
  • Maximize conversions by presenting smart forms, powered by AI, not the forms of the past. Phone2Action forms have increased client "conversions by 100x, without any changes to the messaging." (Director of Marketing at major trade association)
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  • Brand campaigns in seconds by easily adding your images, gifs, and videos.
  • Motivate advocates to take action in multiple ways, meeting your stakeholders where they are.
  • Find and cultivate key contacts.
  • Post public comments on regulatory agencies in addition to contacting lawmakers at Federal, state, and local levels. Phone2Action has delivered more than 1.3 million comments in 2018 alone.


Maintain and nurture an army of passionate supporters of your cause. The digital grassroots advocacy journey is ongoing. After you mobilize people to act, nurture...

Communicate with stakeholders via text, email, and social media - from one integrated platform. Share news, action alerts, invite them to events.

Create cadences of communications via text message, WhatsApp, and email. All from your Phone2Action account.


Track advocate actions over time, and keep notes on key stakeholders, employees, and advocates.

Identify and map relationships between stakeholders and elected officials that you can leverage when the time is right.


Insert advocacy bots in your website and Facebook pages. These “advocacy assistants” will be your advocates friends helping them share your message at all hours of the day. We build you bots that speak your voice!


What Our Clients Say

Gary Shapiro

“In just nine days, our diverse coalition of businesses, industries and tech enthusiasts across the country sent messages to every U.S. Senator and almost every Representative, as well as emails directly to the White House."

–Gary Shapiro, CEO & President, Consumer Technology Association


"Phone2Action made it easy to launch our campaign page quickly and integrate it into our website in a seamless, scalable way. It allowed IA to provide our member companies with a place to send consumers looking to make their voices heard on the issue of net neutrality.”

–Noah Theran, Senior Vice President, Global Public Affairs & Communications, Internet Association