Using Facebook Ads to Increase Advocate Engagement

If you’re trying to increase engagement and interactions with your followers on Facebook, you’re probably running Facebook ads. Engaging your followers is a worthwhile investment because it creates stronger, more lasting connections and attracts new followers and brand advocates.

While Facebook ads can be very effective for increasing engagement with your brand’s presence on the platform, this doesn’t mean that every Facebook ad campaign is automatically successful. Facebook’s robust ad platform can be difficult to navigate, and there are often a lot of questions triggered by the subject. What type of ads should I run? How much will the ads cost? How do I use my budget? When thinking about Facebook advertising budgets, the best approach is to think how you can make the budget deliver the best results for your organization. Here, we can help alleviate some of your concerns and review the major factors that influence the cost and success of your Facebook Ads.

Two things to keep in mind when thinking about purchasing Facebook ads:

  • You are always in charge: once you set your budget, Facebook will not exceed it.
  • You pay for the actions you want: choose your objective, and that’s how Facebook will allocate

Steps to Making Your Facebook Ads Work For You

Define Your Goals

Before heading over to the Facebook Ads manager, spend some time thinking about your organization’s goals. Are you looking to create visibility to your Facebook page? Get likes on a post? Or have your followers take a specific action? For most of our clients and prospects, the goal is to get advocates to contact their lawmakers. Which means you have a specific campaign and you want advocates to take action by contacting their lawmakers.

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Select the Right Ad Type to Optimize ROI

Based on your organization’s goals and objectives, there are a variety of ad types to choose from. When you start the ad creation process, you’ll be prompted to select your marketing objective:

According to Facebook, “the marketing objective for your campaign has no effect on the delivery of its ads. Think of your marketing objective as what sets the template for your ad set and ad creation.”

Before selecting the ad type, let’s review the various ways you can pay for ads because you want to make sure to choose the structure that matches your goals.

  • Cost per click (CPC): Here you will be paying for users who click on the ad. Keep in mind, you will have to implement other types of tracking to see what the user did on your site.
  • Cost per action/conversion (CPA): Your ad will be delivered and optimized for a specific action to be taken. On average, each click when optimizing for conversions is more likely to lead to a conversion. This option is best for companies who are looking for users to take an action when they see the ad
  • Cost per mille (CPM):  Your ad will be optimized to be delivered to as many users as possible. You’re paying for the cost per every 1,000 impressions. The cost per impressions is much lower than a cost per click. But keep in mind, there won’t be a clear link to the impact of impressions, like clicks or page likes.

Given the goal of the campaign is to get users to contact their legislators—which means filling out a form—we recommend selecting Lead Generation ads. Choosing how you want Facebook to deliver ads to people based on what you’re trying to achieve will return higher conversion rates and better ROI. If you select “Reach,” for example, you may pay for impressions and only one follower actually goes the extra mile of leaving Facebook to take action on your campaign.

Your selection affects who sees your ads to get you the best results for the lowest cost. A Lead Generation ad allows your users to fill out a form and never leave Facebook! Furthermore, if you are using Phone2Action’s newest integration with Facebook, your followers will be able to contact legislators directly from the ad. This guarantees you will see the ROI of the ads more clearly.

Selecting the right ad type depends on the goal of your campaign. Having a specific action you want your users to take (eg. contact lawmakers, join a campaign, etc.) will help you select the right ad type, which will yield a better return on investment.

Facebook advertising budgeting is a huge topic and there are many factors that need to be considered to launch a successful campaign that matches your goals. We’ll be happy to hear your goals and experiences with Facebook Ads and share some of the success stories using our Facebook Lead Ads integration.

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