Using Creativity to Update Clients on New Releases

Software as a Service (SaaS) companies strive to provide their users with timely updates to constantly improve its services. At Phone2Action, we have new releases every two weeks. A recent example was just a week ago, when we found ourselves informing clients about two new updates.

As a Civic Tech Fellow working on the Customer Success team at Phone2Action, I have been able to experience these new releases and how they affected clients in a fast-paced environment. We want to keep our clients informed, however, it is a challenge to do it without cluttering their inbox. That is why I came up with an idea to go a step further and update our clients in a more personalized way.

Customer Success: More Person than Product

My goal was to provide Phone2Action clients with a visual example of our latest update, making them excited to leverage our platform and succeed in their campaign goals. We created about 100 different templates to showcase to each client a personalized campaign related to their brand. It took a few hours of working non-stop, but it was worth it! The clients loved it!

Here are some other ideas on how you can showcase new software releases and make your clients as happy and excited as you are:

Don’t highlight every single release

If you want people to feel like your releases are helpful and amazing, you can’t make it a regular habit. Normal isn’t equal to special. Save announcements for when it is a big change, when you and your teammates are super excited about it because it has revolutionized your service.

Inform the client using colloquial vocabulary

Remember, not everyone out there is a tech expert. You and your team are probably used to certain concepts that are not necessarily “mainstream”. Try to explain new tech concepts  in a simple sentence with a few informative bullet points of what is changing. The more simplified, the better for the reader.

Use visual examples

If it is a new action, create a GIF to embed in communication. If it is a new visual update, create templates personalized with the clients brand.

Show your excitement in what you write

Make the update something exciting to read. Use exclamation points! Be jovial (if your brand allows it) and make it fun to read.

Be short

Get to the point. Try to always to answer the same questions when talking about an update. Here are some ideas:  Is something being replaced? What will be the difference? Why should I be excited about this?

Publish your releases on your Help Center or Knowledgebase

Offering clients the ability to see the extensive list of updates your company has done along with brief descriptions has its benefits. The client will see that your company is continuously innovating while being organized, and they will hopefully provide valuable feedback to the company.

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Being a Fellow at Phone2Action

Working at Phone2Action has been a fantastic experience for me. It is a place full of people who are in love with their job. I have always dreamed of working in a place like this. I was born on an island in the middle of the Caribbean, and having the opportunity to work at a company with so much diversity and inclusion is something that I truly appreciate. I moved to D.C. to pursue a Masters in Political Management, and after graduating, I worked on the Hill. I was looking for experience on the other side of the advocacy coin and found Phone2Action. This fellowship has given me a roadmap to reorganize the non-profit that I co-founded in the Dominican Republic. It is called Best Buddies Dominican Republic, and we work voluntarily to promote social and labor inclusion for people with intellectual disabilities. I am a fan of improving a process, and at my position at Phone2Action, I have worked on enhancing the client on-boarding process, improving our knowledge base for clients, and learning so much about the internal operations of a startup. It’s so simple, and they are always trying to make it even better. It is these lessons in improvement, perseverance, and inclusion that I will always remember, and strive for as I continue navigating the world of grassroots advocacy.

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About the Author

Raquel Brea is a 2018 Civic Tech Fellow at Phone2Action working with the Customer Success team. She is a lawyer with a Master’s in Political Management from George Washington University. Raquel has worked on trade associations, public sector, and non-profits in both the US and the Dominican Republic where she was born. She has experience working with project management, process improvements, advocacy, and digital strategies. Before joining Phone2Action, Raquel co-founded Best Buddies Dominican Republic, a non-profit that creates opportunities for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities. She voluntarily leads efforts to support social and labor inclusion in her country. In her free time, she likes exploring new restaurants in D.C. and traveling the world.

Learn more about our Civic Tech Fellowship Program from Phone2Action’s cofounder, Ximena Hartstock.   



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