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Next year will be a challenge for every government affairs team. A critical midterm election and legislative sessions in 46 states—all amid a divided political climate—will have a massive impact on the policy environment in coming years.

It would help to know what other organizations are expecting and how they will prepare.

Phone2Action’s Government Affairs Survey aims to uncover exactly that, providing information you can use to tune up your own program. We are asking professionals—people like you—to share their insights by filling out the survey. The answers are anonymous, and it takes just 6 minutes. In return, we will provide you a first look at the results when the survey closes.

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The survey explores the experience that government affairs professionals are having at companies, associations and nonprofits. It dives into what teams are seeing now, how they are focusing energy and resources, and what they expect to see next year. For example, you will learn:

  • Where organizations target most of their policy work
  • The tactics and channels they use most often
  • How advocates are responding
  • The biggest challenges facing government affairs teams
  • Where they are focusing improvement efforts
  • How they plan to operate in next year’s election

And that’s only a taste. The survey builds on previous surveys, allowing us to compare results over time and understand how organizations are adapting to the massive changes brought about by the pandemic and the shifting political landscape.

For example, we asked in 2019 about the impact of political polarization on advocacy and more than half of the respondents (52 percent) said it made advocacy more difficult. We asked that same question this year.

Take the Government Affairs Survey.


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