Take the Advocacy Survey and Benchmark Your Program

Take the Advocacy Survey and Benchmark Your Program

Most of us care a lot about advocacy and civic engagement. At Phone2Action, we spend our days talking about impact, metrics, what works and what doesn’t. We know you do, too. 

Earlier this year, we created the State of Advocacy report, which used data to show how hundreds of organizations operate their programs. Now, we want to study how organizations think about advocacy.

The 2019 Advocacy Survey examines the challenges that advocacy professionals face every day. It explores everything from engagement and audience response to the effect of the polarized political climate—even predictions about the future of the industry.

Take the advocacy survey—we keep your answers anonymous—and we’ll share the results with you so you can see how your organization compares with scores of others. That’s valuable information, allowing you to set your experience in context. 

Take the Advocacy Survey now.

Benchmark Your Advocacy

With a big election coming, it’s a good time to take stock of your program. We still have roughly three months before the early primaries begin. Smart organizations are tuning up and getting ready. 

The advocacy survey can help. Answering the survey takes only a few minutes and the data you provide will help all of us gain a more accurate picture of the advocacy landscape. More importantly, it will provide you with information on the experience that other organizations are having, how they define success, what tools and strategies they use and how they move the needle.

One problem advocacy professionals face is that it is tough to get information from outside your industry. A person working in health care doesn’t often hear about successful strategies in the energy industry. The advocacy survey will reach across industries to provide us all with new information. 

For example, we will learn what organizations feel is the biggest barrier to effective advocacy. Is it funding and staffing? Is it an inability to move people to action, or an overdependence on email? The survey will answer these questions and more. 

Why are we asking? Because Phone2Action is more than just a platform. We actively study advocacy and work to bring new information to the industry. We’re asking you to provide some insight. We’ll give you some business intelligence in return. 

Take the Advocacy Survey now.

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