Reeve Foundation Upgrades its Digital Game to Care Today and Cure Tomorrow

By John Patton, Phone2Action VP of Partnerships

With an incredibly ambitious and important mission to care for and cure spinal cord injuries, the Christopher & Diana Reeve Foundation recently unveiled a new digital platform to propel its efforts.

The organization recently refreshed to deliver a dynamic support community for people living with spinal cord injuries and provide multiple ways for supporters to interact with the foundation and take action.

From event planning to donating, to finding leading-edge research and information on patient care, you can find what you need on the site to learn more and get involved. is an incredible interactive home-base for supporters, patients and researchers looking for ways to get involved.

Reeve Foundation President and CEO Peter Wilderotter said, “When we set out to create a new digital experience, there was a number of objectives on our list. Our first priority was to create a site that was visually compelling and reflected a new era of opportunity for the Reeve Foundation.”

These days, it’s not enough to host a site with information about your organization. Today’s advocates want and need a digital platform that catapults their passion and interest into a movement with meaningful action. The Reeve Foundation advocates can interact in lots of ways:

• Ask questions
• Request a peer mentor
• Register for events
• Find local resources from the interactive map
• Donate
• Email, Tweet and Facebook legislators
• Get valuable research
• Plan a fundraiser

This website is a perfect example of how mission-driven organizations can make a huge impact in the communities they serve.

Now, let’s evaluate your digital presence.

Are you gaining supporters with amazing calls-to-action and fresh research and information? Or are you boring them with easily researchable data and random support emails? An interactive digital platform can help you make a difference in world. Now is the time to engage, inform and activate your members, employees, supporters and the public with digital tools that successfully powers movements.

What are you waiting for? Take Action!

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