Is It Time for Professional Advocacy Software?

Is It Time for Professional Advocacy Software?

Most professionals have questioned their advocacy software at one time or another. 

Perhaps it was when you were transferring data manually between systems, or as you crunched numbers in a spreadsheet to get the right metrics. Or maybe it was when you tried to explain to the boss why it is so tough to acquire new advocates or to improve the performance of your email program.

Sooner or later, you think that there must be a better way—and there is. Just as professionals in sales or marketing have their own software, there are modern systems designed to facilitate advocacy professionals who need to get the job done right.

To help you gauge when it is time for better advocacy tools, we created our latest white paper, The Case for Professional Advocacy Software. The paper explores what modern systems provide, how they can help your organization and how to know when it is time to upgrade. 

Download The Case for Professional Advocacy Software to learn how better tools can help your program.

How to Know it’s Time to Upgrade

How do you know it’s time to look at professional advocacy software? There are several queues you can take:

  • Manual work. If you are doing lots of manual work, transferring data between systems or crunching your own analytics to get a solid look at performance, modernizing your system can help. Professional systems allow you to run campaigns and get the right analytics, all in one place.
  • Email is your only weapon. Email is a workhorse—and it is tired. Modern advocacy programs make use of multiple channels, such as text messaging and social media. If you are a one-weapon shop, it may be time to look at what’s available
  • Stagnant lists. If you are having trouble growing your list of advocates, leading professional advocacy systems have tools that can help. Social media, for example, enables targeted outreach and modern systems can help automate the process
  • Low Engagement. If your advocates are not responding to your issues as you would like, professional advocacy software can often improve performance. Optimized communiques increase performance by making it easy for advocates to respond.

What Does Pro Software Do for You?

If you are using free tools, stuck with a legacy system or simply haven’t looked at software in a while, you may be surprised at what’s available. Advocacy technology has come a long way in recent years and there is much to see. 

Here are a few of the reasons it makes sense to look at your systems before next year’s election heats up. 

  • Simplify Management. Modern systems make it simpler to run your program, expediting processes, eliminating manual work and providing the information you need, all in one place. They also provide first-class support to ensure that your program always has expert assistance. 
  • Add capabilities. Professional software allows your program to do new things, whether that is communicating with advocates via text messaging or managing your stakeholders in a sophisticated system that allows you to identify those who are most active or those who are well connected.
  • Optimize Performance. Professional systems are designed to increase engagement, making it easier for your advocates to take action—and easier for your organization to move the needle on issues.
  • Show Your Value. Professional systems give you the right metrics to show that your advocacy program is winning on issues and achieving its goals. They make accessing this information simple, so you can report your success more often. 

To learn more about what you can expect from professional software, download The Case for Professional Advocacy Software and find out what modern systems can do.

the case for professional advocacy software

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