How to Choose the Best Email Software for Advocacy

How to Choose the Best Email Software for Advocacy

Email is undeniably alive and well as a communication tool for organizations and companies in 2019. In addition to being an effective and economical way to nurture your connection with your supporters, an eye-catching email can mobilize your advocates to take action.

There are dozens of email broadcasting platforms, but most aren’t the best email software for advocacy. Many emailers are built for companies that sell products or services to customers—not for organizations that are building communities of advocates and supporters around public policy issues.

Outside of standard email “must haves” such as an easy to use editor, attractive templates, and an exceptional delivery record, there are a few key capabilities you should look for so you can leverage the full potential of email for building and running a successful, high-converting advocacy program.

Segment Your List Based on Advocate Activity and Policy Issue

You need to be able to quickly and easily send emails to your list based on segments relevant to your advocacy program. The best email software for advocacy would be able to segment based on whether or not individuals on your list took action on your advocacy campaign, as well as their location, voting district, issue interests, and their preferred method of contact (eg. texting versus email). Not only should all of these segments be possible, but they should be available to you without complex imports and exports.

Sending messages tailored for specific segments of your list results in better email open and click-through rates. With seamless segmentation based on advocate activity, you can leverage this email broadcasting best practice to get better conversion rates on your advocacy campaigns.

Autofill Advocate Details for Faster and Higher Conversion Rates

With an all-in-one platform for your email broadcasting and advocacy campaigns, you can provide an autofill feature with your advocate’s information. With autofill, advocates who click call-to-action links and buttons are automatically recognized by the campaign page and don’t need to fill out form fields. This leads to substantially higher rates of advocates taking action, since all they need to do is edit their message(if they want to customize it) and hit “submit,” rather than having to enter their name, email address, and address manually.

Track Advocacy Campaign Conversions

The best email software for advocacy goes beyond the traditional metrics of opens and clicks and actually tracks unique conversions—without complexity. This means you can effortlessly track email engagement and how it maps to actions taken on your advocacy campaigns. While some email platforms can be integrated with your advocacy platform, conversion tracking won’t be as seamless as if they were on the same platform, and clicking through to a detailed list of advocates will not be possible.

An email broadcasting tool built specifically for advocacy can display real-time conversion metrics about specific advocacy actions taken (eg., emails, tweets, or calls advocates made to lawmakers). It will instantly display which advocates converted on your advocacy campaign out of the advocates who received your email blast. Your advocate list will be perfectly synched with your email list in real-time, with no risk of lost data. And you can drill-down into the details of the advocates who converted. With this, you’ll have a more comprehensive view of how your advocates engage with your advocacy program as a whole—not with reporting on your grassroots campaigns and email blasts each in separate silos.

A screenshot of the email performance report in Phone2Action’s email software. Note that traditional email metrics are adjacent to metrics about the advocate activity and the number of connections to lawmakers that were made as a result of the email blast.

Send Integrated Follow-up Emails

Follow-up communication and consistent engagement with your supporters is an important part of grassroots advocacy. The best email software for advocacy makes it easy for you to create follow-up emails based on what the advocate did. Without having to export or compile data, you can thank those who took action on the campaign and send a reminder to those who haven’t. You’ll increase the total number of actions taken on your campaign by sending a follow-up email without bothering the ones who already took action.

Control Email Operations Within Your Advocacy Team

Lastly, if you need to coordinate with the marketing department every time you want to send out an email, you can lose valuable time during a time-sensitive campaign. In addition, in this case you don’t have full ownership of the list, which can create its own set of slowdowns and inefficiencies. With dedicated email software for your advocacy program, there’s no slow down or disconnect when your team has decided an email campaign is necessary.

Plus, if you’re already using text message and social media broadcasting to communicate with your advocates, your communication strategy will be much better integrated with email broadcasting on the same platform.

Phone2Action’s Email Broadcasting is Built for Advocacy ProfessionalsIntegrating Your Digital Advocacy Strategy

We’ve taken the elements our customers expect from a Phone2Action product—ease of use, thoughtful design, and seamless integration with other platform features—and married them with the email features that advocacy professionals truly need.

Our emailer gives you an end-to-end view of the complete advocate engagement funnel, from delivery, to opens and clicks, to campaign conversions, and actions taken.  

And, in addition to beautiful templates, a powerful and easy-to-use editor, streamlined auto-fill campaigns, and industry-leading advocacy conversion reporting, our email solution also lets you create wizard-driven follow-up emails to thank your advocates who took action and remind those who didn’t, without any complex queries or searches. Find out why we think we built the best email software for advocacy on the market, and schedule a demo now.

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