How to Benchmark Your Advocacy Program Against Your Peers

How to Benchmark your Advocacy Program Against Your Peers

Have you ever wondered how your advocacy program stacks up against your peers? Our platform makes it easy for our clients to track detailed aspects of their own advocacy programs. But it’s also helpful to have some context for how your advocacy program is performing relative to other organizations.

We weren’t able to find any resource that provides benchmarks for advocacy programs, so we built our own. Using data we analyzed from more than 500 organizations and thousands of campaigns powered by Phone2Action, our product experts created a comprehensive advocacy benchmarking tool.

Benchmark Your Advocacy Program Against Your Peers

Our advocacy benchmarking tool allows you to compare key elements of your advocacy program against organizations that are similar in size to yours. After providing some information about your organization, your customized report will show where you fall relative to our quantitative benchmarks and also provide specific recommendations for improvement.

The best part? We’re making it free and available to anyone who’s interested in understanding the industry standard for digital advocacy campaign performance.

About the Advocacy Benchmarking Report

The report groups similar organizations together and compares their performance based on two goals: increasing the base of advocates, and encouraging advocates to take more actions. By breaking these goals down into more specific metrics such as number of new active advocates or most used channels to connect with lawmakers, the report gives campaign managers a comprehensive analysis of their advocacy program. 

Advocacy Benchmarking Segmentation Illustration

You can filter for the results that are most relevant to you based on the type and size of your organization.

Let’s take a deeper dive into our report metrics.

Your Advocate Base

Growing your advocate list, engaging with your current advocates, and encouraging repeat advocate action are crucial to your advocacy program’s success. This part of the report focuses on how many new advocates have joined and taken actions in your advocacy program in the last year, and how many come back to support multiple campaigns. One way to invite more advocates to your campaigns is through texting. Phone2Action platform has a native texting tool enabling you to send an opt-in keyword to your phone list, and track how many have responded to you.

Your Advocate Engagement

After getting an advocate on board, all campaign managers want them to follow through with actions, be it sending an email to a legislator or signing a petition. What is the average rate of actions that similar organizations are earning from advocates? What is the channel that you use the most compare to your peers? Are you achieving below or above average results? We will help you answer all these questions in this part of the report.

advocacy program benchmarking tool

The key metrics on the report give a comprehensive analysis of your advocacy program against similar organizations to yours

Results and Recommendations

To wrap up the analysis, we built a scoring model that directly compares your performance with your peers. It calculates your score based on how well you are doing within specific metrics. For example, if you are getting more advocates to send emails to lawmakers than 70% of our clients, you get 70 points for legislative emails. Your final score is a weighted average result of all the metrics included in the report. This scoring method is simple but effective in giving you an idea of how your advocacy program stacks up.

Along with an analysis of your performance, the report includes links to multiple resources with strategies for optimizing your advocacy program. Ready to give it a try? Get your customized benchmark report now!

Benchmark Your Advocacy Program Against Your Peers

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