Facebook Lead Ads + Phone2Action: Streamlining the Acquisition and Mobilization of New Advocates

Facebook Lead Ads & Phone2Action Integration

It’s not surprising that Facebook lead ads are the backbone of many organizations’ advocate acquisition programs. The targeting and optimization features of this tool are unmatched. But turning those newly acquired names into active advocates can present some logistical hurdles. From downloading the data from Facebook, to uploading it to your advocacy database, to crafting a compelling message that cuts through the noise and drives conversion, to sending timely follow-up thank you notes, it can be a tedious, and sometimes unfruitful, process.

But what if we were able to make that process easier by eliminating all of those middle steps? What if we told you that your advocates can take action and email their lawmakers directly from Facebook, so that 100% of your Facebook leads will convert to legislator communications?

Game changer, right?

With Phone2Action’s new Facebook lead ad integration, you can seamlessly link lead ads with your advocacy campaigns. No cumbersome data transfers necessary! And, your advocates can sign up for your organization’s email updates and contact their legislators in one click. You can take advantage of all the benefits of Facebook’s lead ads, including 50-85% lower CPAs and increased acquisition volume, while driving advocacy activity at the same time.

Harvard Business Review reported that leads that are contacted within an hour of completing a form are nearly seven times as likely to become a high-value, qualified lead. With our integration, new leads can get immediate follow-up emails and text messages generated by Phone2Action, which translates into high-quality, active advocates.

The Details

When you connect your Facebook lead ads to Phone2Action advocacy campaigns, you will:

  • Enable advocates to contact their legislators directly from Facebook ads, even on mobile, and generate thank you messages immediately upon sign-up.
  • Integrate advocate data seamlessly with your Phone2Action instance, including email and text opt-ins. Quickly grow your advocate database without any extra work.
  • Increase conversions, lower the cost to acquire new advocates, and easily measure the efficacy of your ad and advocacy campaigns.
  • Maximize ROI by capturing the new lead and connecting advocates with their lawmakers, all from the same click.

For more details on this important new feature, download our Facebook Lead Ads + Phone2Action product overview.

6 Things You Never Need To Do Again When You Have Our New Integration

With our new feature, you will never have to:

  1. Remember to login to Facebook and periodically download a CSV file of leads captured from lead ads.
  2. Keep track of which leads you have downloaded from Facebook, which you have already uploaded to your advocacy platform, and which are new and still need to be uploaded.
  3. Periodically send out thank you email message blasts to new advocates that have been added to your list since the last thank you was sent.
  4. Reach out to new leads and ask them to opt-in to your texting program as a separate call to action.
  5. Engage with new leads via email, asking them to go to a landing page to take action and write their legislator for the first time.
  6. Explain to your leadership the drop-off in conversions from your initial Facebook lead ad CPA to a separate follow-up advocacy call to action, and why your ROI isn’t higher.

Like all of Phone2Action’s other features, our new Facebook Lead Ads integration will boost the effectiveness and reach of your social media advocacy program, and help you get the most out of your lead generation investment. For more information on how our Facebook Lead Ads integration can work for you, please contact us to schedule a demo.

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