Introducing the Phone2Action Advocacy Chatbot

Introducing the Phone2Action Advocacy Chatbot

Our mission at Phone2Action is to power movements that change the world. Paramount to making that a reality is creating digital advocacy tools that are easy to use for any supporter, anywhere. We constantly explore new technologies, observe trends in the market, and challenge ourselves to consider innovations to make our tools even more accessible than they already are.

As the web becomes more interactive, advocates are looking for more than just a form to fill out when they decide to support an issue or contact their legislator. We evolve and grow with our customers, and as a result, Phone2Action is thrilled to launch a first-of-its-kind product that will revolutionize digital advocacy: our Advocacy Chatbot.

Creating the First-Ever Advocacy Chatbot

Screenshot of Advocacy Chatbot for Facebook MessengerOur mobile-optimized Advocacy Chatbot integrates our powerful advocacy campaign platform with Facebook Messenger—allowing Facebook users to discover and take action on advocacy campaigns without leaving Facebook Messenger.

Using our proprietary AI technology, the Chatbot can engage advocates in personalized, one-on-one conversations about the issues that matter to them, and then walk them through a range of ways to make their voices heard. Whether that’s registering to vote and locating a polling place, contacting a legislator, or submitting a comment to a regulatory body, our Advocacy Chatbot is like a personal civic action guide within Facebook Messenger.

Get Out the Vote Now with Phone2Action

Phone2Action is the only civic technology platform to offer integration with Facebook Messenger. After surveying the long list of technologies that we could use to make our advocate’s lives better, it was easy to see that Facebook Messenger would be one of the most powerful platforms that we could integrate with. With an audience of more than 1.3 billion people that use the app every month, there’s no shortage of advocates and potential advocates that can be reached on this platform. Facebook also provides an extensive API for developers, including some extremely powerful AI resources. This massive audience, in addition to the robust developer toolkit, made Facebook Messenger an obvious choice for a tool that we wanted to integrate with.

Screen shot of Advocacy Chatbot for Facebook MessengerWhen building our product we had one idea in mind: bring the power of the Phone2Action platform to Facebook Messenger. This may sound simple, but there were a lot of considerations to be made about how we do this. We work with a wide array of clients that not only champion different issues, but do this in very different ways. How can we make a tool that works for all of our clients, while also keeping in mind the goal of providing an excellent experience for their advocates? It became clear to us that we would not be able to implement a “one-size fits all” solution. Our team thought long and hard about this, and ultimately decided that we needed to make a customizable solution.

Download: The Ultimate Guide to Social Media for Grassroots Advocacy

Why the Chatbot Will Revolutionize Digital Advocacy

Now that the Advocacy Chatbot has been released, we’re excited to see how this new mode for taking civic action will shape digital advocacy. Here are just a few of the reasons why we think this is going to be such a game-changer.

Add a 24/7 Member to Your Social Media or Advocacy Team

Engaging with advocates directly is a powerful way to build your movement—but for most organizations, it’s not possible to hire a person to monitor and write personalized responses to messages as they come in 24/7 on Facebook. We developed our own AI to make a bot that is smart enough to have personalized interactions with supporters. Chat sessions can be initiated with every supporter that contacts you, directing them to the information they need about your organization, your issues, and how they can help support your movement.

Make it Easier for Facebook Users to Take Action

When supporters have to leave one website for another to complete an action, some will drop out of the conversation, reducing conversions. With our Advocacy Chatbot, your advocates can launch a phone call or send an email for your campaign, all from within Facebook Messenger. Our AI-powered bots are also able to pull information such as name, email, and phone from the user’s Facebook profile, minimizing the work required by the advocate and improving the accuracy of the data you collect.

Convert Your Facebook Audience into Active Advocates

Some Facebook users only interact with your organization’s content on Facebook and have never been to your website. By keeping the experience within Facebook, you’ll capture new names by lowering the barrier to entry.

The Future of Advocacy

19 percent of time spent on mobile devices is on Facebook. In order to make your advocacy movement as engaging and relevant as possible, you need to meet your supporters where they are. Bots are already being used in the customer success and marketing industries—and now, for the first time, civic engagement.

Ready to see the Advocacy Chatbot in action? Schedule a demo now.

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The Intersection of AI, Social Media, and Advocacy


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