Digital Community Engagement for Modern Public Affairs


Communication is the core function of a public affairs team. There are many ways that public affairs teams build alliances and connections within the community to bolster support for an organization. In today’s world with social media and the internet, there are more ways to engage with the public than ever before. Certain communications tools can be used strategically to engage with your audience for a well-rounded public affairs communication strategy.

Have a Custom Chatbot on Facebook

Phone2Action has an-AI based chatbot that is smart enough to have personalized interactions with supporters, and it integrates directly with Facebook Messenger. Chat sessions can be initiated with every supporter that contacts you, directing them to the information they need about your organization, your issues, and how they can help support your movement. Supporters can even take action from the chatbot, using their contact information that’s already a part of their Facebook profile, as with Facebook Lead Ads.

Use Text Message as a Complement to Email

Sending occasional newsletters or email updates to your advocate list is a tried-and-true tactic for engaging with your advocates and making sure you’re still on their radar from time to time. Text messages have a 99% open-rate, so you should take advantage of that when you’re sending out an action alert. Phone2Action’s email platform allows you to send an email broadcast and filter out the textable advocates, so that you can send the same action alert via SMS to those on your list who have opted-in for texts without fatiguing them with an email and SMS alert about the same campaign.

Leverage Social Media Campaigns to Create Awareness

Social media platforms including Twitter and Facebook provide a space for public affairs teams to engage with the public on a level playing field. Users create their own content and posts, and organizations can easily retweet or re-post things from everyday people that align with their messaging and goals. They are also great platforms to educate without it feeling like a formal endeavor.

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