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Every day, there is a critical need for legislators to hear from the people most impacted by their decisions. With the rise in the number of Americans wanting to take action, elected officials’ phone lines are swamped. Matt House, a spokesman for Senate Democratic Leader Charles Schumer of New York, recently said calls to senators have averaged 1.5 million a day. That’s a lot of competition.

Luckily, there are many different ways to reach elected officials and decision makers today. A study we did of the 114th Congress showed that over half of Congress is on social media, and this number is growing. Legislators are active on the same platforms as their constituents, meaning it’s easier and more important than ever for people to reach beyond traditional advocacy channels to make their voices heard.

We’ve rolled out a new tool that allows you to directly communicate with elected officials through any platform — email, Twitter, Facebook or calling. Simply type in your address, and we’ll connect you with the lawmakers who are making important policy decisions for you every day.


Not everybody has time or access to lobby Congress, and you don’t have to wait to be invited by an organization to participate in a formal letter writing campaign. You can be an advocate on your cell phone while waiting for the bus or contact your legislator while scrolling your Facebook newsfeed. You can even use Alexa to contact your legislator! At Phone2Action, we typically help organizations and companies facilitate advocacy by running dynamic campaigns for their supporters, but we created this tool for everyone to use because we know that the most important thing decision makers need to hear are the personal stories that only you have the ability to tell.

Our tool lets you know who your elected officials are and allows you to reach them via email, social media, and phone with just one click. For every issue that you care about, we’ll be the link between you and the people in power. So, what do you want your representatives to change? You’re just a few clicks away from telling them.


EDITOR’S NOTE 7/31/2018: Our Facebook the Legislator tool was discontinued on July 31, 2018 due to Facebook’s deprecation of the ability to post on legislators’ walls through third-party Facebook applications.

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