How Digital Channels Boost Advocate Recruitment

How Digital Channels Boost Advocate Recruitment

By Meredith Keller | June 19, 2019

All advocacy starts with an audience. Your organization’s advocates are the army that gets sent forward, the engaged and passionate people who contact decision makers and carry your message. If you work for a corporation, association or nonprofit trying to impact public policy, your list of advocates dictates the strength of your campaigns. Bigger is…

Using Stakeholder Mapping to Leverage Your Network More Effectively

By Meredith Keller | June 11, 2019

Almost all advocacy relies on the ability to communicate with stakeholders, engage them on your issue, and move them to action in the most effective way possible. Yet, as every advocacy professional knows, you have to build the army and know where it is heading before you can advance it. And that’s not always easy.…

Best Practices for an Effective Congressional Fly-in

By Diego Rivera | June 4, 2019

Advocates from hundreds of organizations descend on Washington every year for annual congressional fly-in events. These events provide a chance to expose lawmakers and staff to everyday practitioners from industry in the hopes of winning hearts and minds. But whether your organization is doing it for the first time or the 40th, there’s always room…

Trends in Advocacy Suggest it’s Growing and Becoming More Efficient

By Meredith Keller | May 29, 2019

Advocacy groups steadily acquired more advocates and generated more connections with public officials in the three years between 2016 and 2018, and they did so using fewer campaigns. Phone2Action’s first State of Advocacy report followed hundreds of organizations and their trends in advocacy in order to show how companies, nonprofits, and associations build movements, energize…

Ushering in a New Chapter of Growth for Phone2Action

By Phone2Action Founders | May 22, 2019

Dear customers, partners, and friends, We’re thrilled to announce that Phone2Action has secured growth funding from Frontier Capital, a Charlotte-based software investor that helps companies like ours at critical stages transform their industry. This investment will help us fuel innovation, global expansion, and the acquisition of other complementary technologies to take digital advocacy and public…

How to Choose the Best Email Software for Advocacy

How to Choose the Best Email Software for Advocacy

By Jeff Steinman | May 21, 2019

Email is undeniably alive and well as a communication tool for organizations and companies in 2019. In addition to being an effective and economical way to nurture your connection with your supporters, an eye-catching email can mobilize your advocates to take action. There are dozens of email broadcasting platforms, but most aren’t the best email…

Integrating Your Digital Advocacy Strategy

By Meredith Keller | April 15, 2019

The world of digital advocacy has exploded in the last few years. Beyond email, there’s text message broadcasting, SMS keywords, live maps, social media, and even specialized Facebook lead generation ads. The number of channels that are used for advocacy today—and the many ways that each channel can be used—can be daunting. Yet the truth is…

Classic Public Affairs Tactics for the New Media Landscape

By Meredith Keller | March 31, 2019

Press releases, letters to the editor and op-eds may seem like dated media tools, vestiges of the print era that are stubbornly hanging on. But think again. Each of these has a place in the digital world. All of these tools can be highly effective in today’s public affairs campaigns if organizations understand their utility…

Digital Community Engagement for Modern Public Affairs

By Meredith Keller | March 30, 2019

  Communication is the core function of a public affairs team. There are many ways that public affairs teams build alliances and connections within the community to bolster support for an organization. In today’s world with social media and the internet, there are more ways to engage with the public than ever before. Certain communications…

Stakeholder Mapping for 21st-Century Government Relations

By Andrew Stanley | March 29, 2019

How does your organization track its relationships with legislators and other constituencies that you communicate with regularly? If you are still tracking in spreadsheets, folders or underpowered freebie applications, there’s work to be done. Those may be digital tools, but your system is essentially analog— too reliant on manual processes with data that ends up…