Aumenta El Voto Latino: El Gigante Despertó, Pero No Por Completo

By Ximena Hartsock | November 19, 2018

A pesar de la gran cantidad de latinoamericanos en Estados Unidos, la participación política de esta comunidad no había marcado grandes diferencias en los procesos eleccionarios. Adicionalmente, las elecciones de medio término no convocan tanto interés como las elecciones presidenciales, por lo que las expectativas de participación no eran muy altas, mucho menos en la…

How Incoming State Trifectas Will Impact Policy in 2019

By Sean Gannon | November 14, 2018

November 6th brought an influx of diversity to the U.S. House and Senate and a drove of newly passed ballot measures. Passing legislation at the Federal level, however, has proven more convoluted than ever, and with a divided government post-midterms, we only expect that issue to be further exacerbated come 2019. Meanwhile, incoming State Trifectas…

Midterm State Ballot Initiatives as a Thermometer for Your Issue

Midterm State Ballot Initiatives as a Thermometer for Your Issue

By Meredith Keller | November 9, 2018

What do this year’s ballot initiatives tell us about citizens’ attitudes on issues? Voters weighed in on more than just candidates in Tuesday’s midterm election. 157 ballot initiatives were approved or rejected across 37 states. Results from ballot initiatives provide a temperature check on how voters feel about a specific issue. Some states allow citizens…

How the Midterm Winners Will Influence Legislation in 2019

How the Midterm Winners Will Influence Legislation in 2019

By Alekhya Tallapaka | November 8, 2018

As the country recovers from the frenzy around this year’s historic midterm elections, advocacy groups are shifting their focus towards trying to predict what legislation in 2019 will look like. With a Democratic House, and a Republican Senate and White House, we’re likely to see legislative battles around key issues that will greatly impact the…

Steven Cruz, Strategic Partner, RedEdge

GrassScoops: An Interview Series – Steven Cruz, RedEdge

By Meredith Keller | October 22, 2018

Steven Cruz, Strategic Partner at RedEdge, works with organizations and political campaigns to develop strategies for issue advocacy and communications. We recently spoke with Steven about the digital tools he uses in his work, trends he sees in advocacy campaigns today, and the future of grassoots advocacy. Tell us about your professional background and how you got into advocacy.…

How to Benchmark Your Advocacy Program Against Your Peers

By Hang Ngo | October 2, 2018

Have you ever wondered how your advocacy program stacks up against your peers? Our platform makes it easy for our clients to track detailed aspects of their own advocacy programs. But it’s also helpful to have some context for how your advocacy program is performing relative to other organizations. We weren’t able to find any…

How State Voting Laws Will Affect Voter Turnout in the Midterms

How Voting Laws by State Will Affect Voter Turnout in the Midterms

By Meredith Keller | September 24, 2018

Key Takeaways Midterm elections have much lower voter turnout than on-year elections State voting laws and options can vary in complicated ways Some state voting laws can create barriers to voting that negatively impact turnout Voting restrictions can decrease turnout disproportionally within certain demographic groups Effective advocacy could hinge on whether you empower your supporters…

Wrapping Up Another Successful Summer of Civic Tech Fellowships

By Ximena Hartsock | September 10, 2018

As the summer comes to an end, so does Phone2Action’s 2018 Civic Tech Fellowship Program. A STEM-based apprenticeship, our program provided 28 students from schools in all corners of the country with the chance to gain valuable skills and experience in the field of civic technology. From building new tools with artificial intelligence and data…

Phone2Action Advocacy Chatbot

Introducing the Phone2Action Advocacy Chatbot

By Matthew Hendrickson | September 6, 2018

Our mission at Phone2Action is to power movements that change the world. Paramount to making that a reality is creating digital advocacy tools that are easy to use for any supporter, anywhere. We constantly explore new technologies, observe trends in the market, and challenge ourselves to consider innovations to make our tools even more accessible…