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Phone2Action Co-Founder and CEO Jeb Ory recently appeared on Digital Politics with Karen Jagoda to talk about how to measure success in grassroots advocacy. Read below for some key takeaways from his words on building sustainable movements.

Grassroots advocacy works. In the last several years, we’ve seen both the temporary and long-term successes of bottoms-up movements like the Tea Party, Occupy Wall Street, and Black Lives Matter. These groups have leveraged both physical events and social media to engage and move supporters to action. And in January, organizers of the Women’s March on Washington and its sister events were able to rally over four million people online in just a matter of weeks to show up and attend marches all over the world.

While the marches and protests spark interest, the organizers behind these movements know that it’s what comes after a large scale mobilization that is key to measuring success.

By clearly defining organizational goals, such as passing a specific bill or increasing name recognition, campaigns can achieve successful, long-term outcomes.

The most effective movements will be the ones that harness grassroots energy to create a more concrete and sustainable platform with clear messaging and outcomes. When organizers can transform awareness into issue advocacy campaigns that have clear end goals, advocates can play a key role in advancing policy.

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Organizers who successfully bring people together around clear objectives and policy outcomes, use stories to guide their energy and motivations, and build infrastructure with technology and strategy are able to engage supporters long-term. When you’re crafting your advocacy plans, make sure that you see past the meetup, march or protest to the days, weeks and months beyond. If your organization sees higher action rates and a more-enthusiastic, expanded supporter base following your big moment, you’ve succeeded.

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