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Election years can be tricky for your grassroots advocacy program. On the one hand, politics is in the air and advocate energy is high. On the other hand, legislators shift their focus to getting reelected and tend to avoid introducing or voting on major legislation—making it more difficult for your organization to advance its advocacy objectives. Several weeks may go by where launching a new advocacy campaign just isn’t the right call for your program.

Instead of taking your foot off the gas and shifting your grassroots program into neutral during the election season, now is the right time to engage your advocates in new and different ways. From the primaries to the general election, your advocates have the opportunity to participate in the most important civic action that they can take part in: casting their vote.

Your organization can take advantage of the energy of this election season and practice a new form of advocate engagement focused on getting out the vote (GOTV). You can grow your advocate database, increase mobile and email opt-ins, and drive new types of advocate engagement and activity during an election year.

Here are a few ways a GOTV tool helps you work toward your advocacy program’s goals.

Contact your advocates with an offer instead of an ask

You already know that your advocates are civic-minded individuals, so they are likely already paying attention to the election and planning on voting. You also know that maintaining a regular cadence of communication with your advocates is important to keep them long-term, but if you send your list texts or emails without content of value, you risk losing them. Messaging that alerts your advocates that you have a GOTV tool that can tell them how to register, whether they’re already registered, where their voting location is, and who the candidates are, will be well-received.

Provide critical information for the election season and grow your advocate list

A GOTV tool can attract new visitors to your website, and since the information it provides is timely and valuable, people will be less hesitant to fill out a form that gives their name, email address, and zip code. This data can help you learn about the civically-minded people who are visiting your website, who you could engage for future advocacy campaigns.

Drive advocate engagement and capture valuable data

With Phone2Action’s Civic Action Center, you can quickly setup and launch your own branded GOTV website focused on voter registration, upcoming election dates, polling place location, absentee ballot information, and candidate lookup. By targeting your advocates in states with upcoming primary elections with email, text, and posts on social media—you can drive traffic to your Civic Action Center website and encourage different types of advocate engagement.

In addition to generating traffic, you will also be able to track advocate activity and measure the effectiveness of your get out the vote efforts. And, instead of sending your advocates to other organizations’ GOTV tools, with a Civic Action Center all of the advocate data you collect and capture is yours, captured in your organization’s Phone2Action database.

Ready to get out the vote?

Election-oriented advocacy is a great way to keep up a consistent cadence of communication and engagement with your advocates, strengthening the relationship between advocates and your organization in the long-term. Don’t miss the chance to engage your advocates and attract new ones this election year.

To learn more about the Civic Action Center and how it can help you harness the excitement around this year’s election, click here.

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