The Best Internship Ever!

By Logan Sweet, Phone2Action Intern


Pictured: Phone2Action Interns, Christian Knapp and Logan Sweet

Six weeks ago, I began an internship at Phone2Action, a tech company in Washington, DC that helps organizations power social and political movements through its comprehensive grassroots digital advocacy platform. I’m a sophomore at Olin College of Engineering, studying engineering design. Coming into my first day at Phone2Action, I had no idea what to expect. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve had my fair share of group projects. But working with a team of undergraduates is worlds apart from managing a team of civic engagement innovators.

Right away, I have become an integral part of the team and in six short weeks, I’ve done more than I could have ever imagined.

On a typical day at Phone2Action I might:

  • Meet with design teams to set requirements and guide the design of new products.
  • Unveil new Phone2Action features to clients and gather their feedback.
  • Organize product teams to scope projects and keep the development of new features moving.
  • Write mass communications, like emails and instructional guides, that go out to hundreds of people.
  • Create wireframes for additions to our platform as guides for the engineering team.

All these responsibilities are a lot to take in, but the challenge is thrilling. I know the choices I make and the content I create will affect the success of the company. Having real responsibility and being able to make a measurable difference in a company is more fulfilling than I could have imagined. I know this opportunity is also unique to a company of this size. At a huge corporation I would be nothing more than an ant in a colony, but here I am able to make a difference, develop my talents, and learn a ton along the way.

I’m able to be an important part of Phone2Action, because I’m not treated like an intern, but rather as a member of the team. This experience, which is giving me knowledge of the field of civic engagement in addition to product management, will help me to be a better teammate in my remaining years of education as well as in my future jobs.

And best of all, the only coffees I’ve made have been for myself!

Interested in a tech civic engagement internship? Text INSPIRE to 52886 or visit this link. There are opportunities available in both technology and social impact.

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