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Sharpen Your Election-Year Advocacy

Sharpen Your Election-Year Advocacy

By Sean Gannon | August 12, 2019

Advocacy is a challenge every year, as the noise in Washington and state capitals grows louder and more organizations compete for attention. But it’s never more so than in an election year—and 2020 will be particularly tough. Voters are polarized. There are more than 20 candidates seeking the presidency. And it’s hard to imagine an…

Three Technologies You Need for Advanced Grassroots Advocacy

Three Technologies You Need for Advanced Grassroots Advocacy

By Sean Gannon | July 1, 2019

Advocacy veterans know what moves their audience. Clear messaging. Narrative stories. Powerful calls to action. Yet, even if your organization does everything right, punching that message through to advocates is challenging in an increasingly busy world where people are assaulted by information all day. How do companies, nonprofits and associations cut through the noise? The…

5 Tips for Targeting Lawmakers to Get Your Bill Passed

By Sean Gannon | June 25, 2019

In the world of public affairs, the idea of targeting is two-fold. There’s the efforts of the outreach team in charge of building an engaged audience ready to take action on your cause, and then there’s the act of targeting lawmakers to make sure your bill gets passed.  While many organizations excel in the former,…

How Incoming State Trifectas Will Impact Policy in 2019

By Sean Gannon | November 14, 2018

November 6th brought an influx of diversity to the U.S. House and Senate and a drove of newly passed ballot measures. Passing legislation at the Federal level, however, has proven more convoluted than ever, and with a divided government post-midterms, we only expect that issue to be further exacerbated come 2019. Meanwhile, incoming State Trifectas…

4 Tactics for Influencing Policy on a Crowded Issue

By Sean Gannon | February 20, 2018

  President Trump’s multi-faceted infrastructure plan, released last week, is anticipated to foster a lively debate from members of Congress and their many constituents. From federal funding vs. state and local funding vs. private investment; the proposed gas tax; the Federal permit process; environmental impacts; selling Federal assets to private, state and local entities; and…

optimize regulatory advocacy

4 Ways to Optimize Regulatory Advocacy

By Sean Gannon | January 4, 2018

With Capitol Hill in constant gridlock, many advocacy organizations are turning their focus from legislators to key regulatory agencies, which determine how to interpret and implement new and existing laws. Before a proposed rule can be enacted, however, the agency must solicit public feedback. During that window (typically 60 to 90 days), organizations can (and…

5 Ways Technology Can Be a Force For Good

By Sean Gannon | December 6, 2017

Now more than ever, technology is an integral component of human life. Whether you are face-timing your doctor about getting a prescription to combat the flu or ordering a Lyft to get to work, chances are, within the past day, you’ve used a technology that didn’t exist ten years ago. In the wake of the…