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Phil Carey


Communicating on COVID: Lessons from Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology Companies

By Phil Carey | May 11, 2020

Few companies were thrown into the spotlight during the pandemic like those in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical industries. Both play the leading role in creating treatments and a vaccine for COVID-19—things that Americans truly care about. “PhRMA is very much having a moment right now,” said Ellen Gerstein, head of content and employee engagement at…

Healthcare Companies are Leading the Advocacy Charge

By Phil Carey | April 7, 2020

Last weekend, spontaneous celebrations of gratitude for healthcare workers popped up around the world. In India, they rang bells and banged pots and pans. In Israel, families craned out of windows and cheered.  Here in the U.S. a more practical approach is underway: healthcare companies and their trade associations are rushing to advocate for workers…